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Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D.

Physician, Scientist, Author and Musician


WORLD PEACE:   Read Whoever You Thought You Were...You're A Jew!
In the International Union of College Professors and Chancellors - whose membership includes 80 Nobel Prize laureates - this book has been hailed as **The Star of Hope for All Humankind** !

MAZUZAH:   Dr. Biegeleisen has created a variety of mazuzoth which are based upon literal interpretation of Torah. Click to learn more.

CANCER:   Scared of cancer? Read Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics, Dr. Biegeleisen's "Seven-Point Program to Avoid the Most Frequently-Made Mistakes in Cancer Care"!

DNA STRUCTURE:   The Watson-Crick "double-helix" has been thrice proven incorrect for living systems, but most scientists stubbornly and childishly refuse to admit it. Could this be because the true non-helical structure is so un-spontaneous that it virtually mandates belief in a Creator? (Primarily for scientists).

PATENT INFRINGEMENT:   Dr. Biegeleisen's invention, the Venoscope, is in use in every hospital in the country. He receives no royalties. No one will take the case. Remember Paul Newman in "The Verdict"? If you're that lawyer, this is your chance to perform a huge public service, and to make money doing it.

MUSIC:   Dr. Biegeleisen is probably New York's only truly solo entertainer. Using proprietary instruments, he can mimick the sound of almost any band - without using pre-recorded sounds or "drum machines".